Friday, December 7, 2018

2018 Big seminar

Date: Dec. 6-7 2018
Presenters: Everyone
Invited guest speaker: Dr. Nobuaki Tanaka from The University of Tokyo

<Dec. 6>
2018 big seminar was held with an invited guest speaker, Dr. Nobuaki Tanaka.
The seminar started with a keynote speaker, Dr. Kyoichi Otsuki (a leader of Forest Ecosystem Management, Kyushu University), and Dr. Tanaka introduced his current research.

Next, we had a field excursion in Wakasugi mountain, guided by Mr. Shimono. LMAO.

<Dec. 7>
Researches with a variety of research topics were presented by each of lab members

We are all very thankful to Dr. Nobuaki for his attendance at our big seminar and presentation, out of his busy schedule.

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